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Massage érotique

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Description de l'emploi

We are looking for young, demanding girls with fair conditions, starting immediately, for our salon in the 13th district (not Marina beach!) with an established clientele, which has been operating excellently for several years!

Guaranteed monthly earnings of 2 – 3 million HUF!

What we offer you:

Legal, declared work
Legitimate, legal employment
Above-average salary
Above-average salary
Young, friendly company, family atmosphere
Free professional photography
Permanent stable job
Weekends off
If you are a beginner or need training
We work with high prices and try to guarantee a quality clientele
All extras are 100% yours
Accommodation also available
Immediate start
Our expectations:

Decorative exterior
Demanding, precise work
What is important is that you want to earn money and want to work! We are fair in all cases and expect this from our applicants. Uniquely with us, reporting is not a barrier either, if that’s important to you.

We welcome your application with a full-size photo by phone, email, and whatsapp!

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