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Erotic work in Japan for girls from 18 to 40 years old

Q: This is my first time working in the adult entertainment industry, is that okay?

О. Although it’s the entertainment industry, it’s essentially a customer service industry, so there’s no need to be afraid! An instructional DVD is also available.

В. Is there a minimum number of working days?

О. Nothing specific has been decided. We have a flexible working pattern that allows you to work to suit your lifestyle. Please let us know which shift you are comfortable with.

Question. Are you subject to sexual harassment by male employees?

О. Absolutely not. We have several female employees, so you can work safely.

В. I have a tattoo.

О. We can reject your tattoo if it takes up a large part of your body, but if it’s just a small tattoo, it will suit most people, so please let us know during the interview.

В. I don’t have much confidence in myself.

О. Honestly, every client has different tastes, and even if you are not confident, in many cases you are attractive to the client. Please come to the interview without deciding on your own that it is not right for you.

В. When will I receive my paycheck?

О. You are paid daily, and every day is payday. This is normal, even if you have a sudden expense or really want something.

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