Cherry Kiss: Breaking Barriers and Winning Hearts at AVN
Cherry Kiss: Breaking Barriers and Winning Hearts at AVN

Cherry Kiss: Breaking Barriers and Winning Hearts at AVN

In the glittering world of adult entertainment, history was made on January 27 when Cherry Kiss became the first Serbian to clinch the prestigious AVN Award for International Female Performer of the Year. The 41st annual ceremony in Las Vegas witnessed a groundbreaking moment as Cherry Kiss took home the coveted trophy, marking a significant milestone in her illustrious 12-year career.

A Triumph of Talent and Tenacity

Cherry Kiss, reflecting on her historic win, expressed her joy and surprise. “I was super happy; this means a lot to me,” she shared. Despite her dedicated work ethic and undeniable talent, the victory was a pleasant shock for Cherry. “I know that I work hard. Of course, there is always hope for winning, but when it actually happens, it’s a totally different thing,” she admitted.

The recognition has ignited a new spark in Cherry, propelling her to greater heights. “Honestly, it gave me a new boost and new energy for everything. Since then I’m just working, working, working. I want more…” she exclaimed. Her dedication to her craft is evident as she vows to “work her ass off” to achieve even more success on the international stage.

Embracing the American Dream

Having ventured into Los Angeles in early 2023, Cherry Kiss aimed to carve her niche in the American adult entertainment industry. Armed with unparalleled talent and a blue-collar work ethic, she quickly established herself as one of Europe’s most sought-after performers, accumulating over a thousand credits in the past decade.

“I want to stay here [in the U.S.], I start to like it more and more,” Cherry revealed, showcasing her determination to thrive in the competitive American adult entertainment landscape.

From Serbia to Stardom

Cherry Kiss‘s journey from the third-largest city in Serbia, Niš, to winning an AVN Award has been marked by resilience and hard work. Raised in a modest family, Cherry supported her two younger sisters from a young age. Her commitment to family, combined with her passion for the industry, led her to challenge societal norms in Serbia.

“I was fighting on TV to explainthis business is a business,” Cherry recalled. Despite facing criticism and judgment, she stood her ground, eventually earning respect and admiration. Cherry‘s indomitable spirit turned judgment into respect, opening doors for her both within and outside the adult industry.

A Vision for the Future

With her eyes set on the future, Cherry Kiss has ambitious plans, including directing for studios such as SexArt and managing her official website. Her goal extends beyond performing, aiming to contribute to the industry as a director and producer.

“I want just to work,” she declares, encapsulating her passion for an industry she describes as “obsessive.” As Cherry continues to break barriers and redefine success, her journey becomes an inspiration for aspiring performers worldwide.

In the realm of adult entertainment, Cherry Kiss stands not only as an award-winning performer but as a trailblazer who transcends borders and challenges conventions, proving that talent, hard work, and resilience know no boundaries.

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How did Cherry Kiss react to her International Female Performer of the Year win?

Cherry encountered various challenges, including laptop theft, a fractured elbow, and a bout with Covid, showcasing her resilience.

Cherry has ambitious plans, including directing for studios and managing her official website, aiming to continue her successful career.

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