Kendra Sunderland: Hustler’s April Cover Honey
Kendra Sunderland: Hustler’s April Cover Honey

Kendra Sunderland: Hustler’s April Cover Honey

Cover Feature: Kendra Sunderland as the Cover Honey

One of the highlights of the April 2024 issue is the stunning presence of Kendra Sunderland as the Cover Honey. In a captivating 14-page spread titled “Talk Dirty to Me,” Sunderland shares her thoughts on exhibitionism, dirty talk, and the importance of personal values. Photographed by This Year’s Model, her images exude confidence and allure, making her a perfect fit for the cover.

Diverse Content: A Sneak Peek Inside

Scarlett Alexis, Bambi Barton, Eden Amor, Lindsay Marie, and Apryl Rein grace the pages of this edition with their unique features, each captured beautifully by talented photographers. From “Beautiful Music” to “All Laid Out,” readers can expect a diverse array of visuals that complement the magazine’s theme.

Exclusive Interviews

In an exclusive interview, Penny Barber opens up about her journey, accompanied by stunning photography by Rex Shephard. This edition also features captivating storytelling with “My Brother’s Best Friend,” offering steamy encounters that will keep readers hooked.

Exploring True Crime

Delving into the realm of true crime, the magazine presents a chilling narrative titled “Real American Horror Story,” unraveling the tale of Dr. H.H. Holmes and his infamous Murder Castle in Chicago. Colin McCracken’s narrative paints a vivid picture of deception and intrigue.

Publisher's Statement: Liz Flynt's Insights

Liz Flynt shares her thoughts on the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and the 2024 election in her publisher’s statement. Highlighting both the potential benefits and risks of AI, Flynt emphasizes the need for awareness and regulation in navigating this technological landscape.

Questions and Answers:

Kendra Sunderland graces the cover as the Cover Honey, captivating readers with her charm and allure.

The April 2024 edition promises a mix of captivating photography, exclusive interviews, steamy encounters, and intriguing true crime narratives.

The magazine will be released on March 28, 2024, and will be accessible in both print and digital formats.

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