Little Caprice Introduces 8K VR Scenes on Official Site and Photobook
Little Caprice Introduces 8K VR Scenes on Official Site and Photobook

Little Caprice Introduces 8K VR Scenes on Official Site and Photobook

Little Caprice, a three-time International Female Performer of the Year hailing from the Czech Republic, shares with AVN their latest venture into high-quality content creation. The duo has been diligently working on producing 8K scenes for, an extension of their award-winning flagship site,

Little Caprice Raises Bar with 8K VR Scenes

“With the latest 8K camera in hand, courtesy of a friend, we embarked on a quest to find the right person to shoot and edit the high-resolution content,” explains Little Caprice. She further elaborates on the unique characteristics of the 8K scenes, emphasizing the immersive experience it offers to fans.

In addition to the groundbreaking VR content, Little Caprice and Marcello have recently introduced a download option on their site. This new feature has been well-received by members, offering a convenient way to access their favorite scenes.

Among their diverse series, the ‘WeCumtoYou’ collection stands out, featuring swinger-themed group scenes. Little Caprice and Marcello, along with other models, recently collaborated on a full movie titled “Swinger Weekend” that captivated viewers with its unique storyline and engaging content.

Furthermore, Little Caprice has ventured into the world of exclusive photobooks, treating fans to a visual feast of high-end photography. With 26 pages and 39 stunning images, the photobook showcases her prowess as an erotic fashion model and serves as a novelty for her dedicated followers.

Over the years, Little Caprice has amassed a remarkable collection of accolades, including AVN Awards and numerous international honors, solidifying her position as a prominent figure in the industry. Most recently, she was crowned Best Czech Female Performer at the Erofest International Erotic Fair in Prague.

To engage with her fan base and expand her reach, Little Caprice actively participates in events and expos worldwide. The upcoming Erotica Athens event holds a special place in her heart as she takes on the role of the face of the expo, interacting with fans and sharing memorable experiences.

In conclusion, Little Caprice’s foray into 8K VR scenes, photobooks, and innovative content distribution reflects her commitment to delivering top-notch entertainment to her audience. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from this powerhouse duo.

Let's meet Little Caprice

Online Presence Little Caprice: [Instagram] [Twitter] [OnlyFans] [littlecaprice-Dreams]

Little Caprice, whose real name is Markéta Štroblová, is a renowned Czech adult film actress, model, and entrepreneur. Born on October 26, 1988, in Brno, Czech Republic, she entered the adult entertainment industry at the age of 18 and quickly rose to fame for her captivating performances and natural beauty.

Little Caprice first gained fame as an adult film actress in the early 2010s, known for her youthful looks and petite frame. Her captivating performances and natural charm quickly garnered a large following in the adult entertainment industry. As her popularity grew, she expanded her brand through collaborations with various adult film studios and websites, showcasing her talents in a wide range of genres.

In addition to her work in the adult industry, Little Caprice has also ventured into mainstream modeling and social media influencer status, where she continues to captivate audiences with her stunning beauty and charismatic personality. She has appeared in over 300 adult films and has gained a massive following on social media platforms.

Questions and Answers:

Little Caprice has recently introduced 8K VR scenes on her official website, marking a significant upgrade in video quality. Teaming up with partner Marcello Bravo, they’ve employed cutting-edge technology to provide fans with a more immersive experience.

Little Caprice’s exclusive photobook, featuring 26 pages and 39 high-end photos, is available for purchase on her merch page. This marks her first venture into creating a photobook, offering fans a unique collectible item.

The recent upgrades to Little Caprice’s website include a new download option for scenes and the ability to rent content for non-members. These additions have been well-received by members, enhancing their viewing experience.

Little Caprice’s website, launched in 2016, now boasts 10 ongoing series across various genres. One of the most popular series, “WeCumtoYou,” explores swinger-themed group scenes, reflecting her commitment to diverse and engaging content.

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