Naughty Gras Weekend: Studio 58 Extravaganza of Adult Fun
Naughty Gras Weekend: Studio 58 Extravaganza of Adult Fun

Naughty Gras Weekend: Studio 58 Extravaganza of Adult Fun

Studio 58 is gearing up to host its highly anticipated Naughty Gras hotel takeover weekend, promising three days of “kinky fun in a safe for adults environment.” From Feb. 29 to March 3, the event will transform the indoor pool atrium into a clothing-optional area, reminiscent of Bourbon Street and the French Quarter in New Orleans.

Event Highlights

Orientation and Tour

For those new to Naughty Gras and Studio 58 Events, an orientation and tour are scheduled on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Games Galore

This year’s lineup includes the Human Bingo Mixer, Kinky Karma Sutra Hunt, Photo Scavenger Hunt, and bead games. Play and activity areas will be open 24 hours throughout the event.

Diverse Activities

From the Merfolk Swim and massage class to Ropeapalooza rope games, Speed Kink meet-up party, Alien Invasion Karaoke, Pegging Essentials, and costume contests, there’s something for everyone.

Themed Parties

Friday night will feature an alien invasion-themed play party, while Saturday offers a Cajun Dinner at the Creole Corral, the Dirty Laundry comedy game, LGBTQIA+ meet-up, and an open play party with BDSM areas open all night.

Embracing Diversity

“Naughty Gras is an environment for fetishy fun, a safe space for adventurous adults, and that includes our LGBTQIA+ community,” emphasizes J.P. of Studio 58 Events.

Presenters and Vendors

Confirmed presenters include Dominus-J, Dragon Princess, EpicChikk, and Undergroundsea. Lady Plume will host the Carinvale of Sins Interactive Scenes, and Princess Rara will present “Mastering Bottoming and Embracing Kink Safely.” Vendors include The Dungeon Store, Blush Industries, Kinbaku Studio, Kinky Elf Toy Company, Mystical Maille Design, and Pendragon Chainmail.

Event Details and Registration

For event registration and hotel room reservations, interested participants can visit the Naughty Gras site. Additionally, a YAPP app is available, providing a schedule and updates for the event.

Questions and Answers:

Absolutely! Naughty Gras welcomes individuals of all experience levels. The orientation and diverse activities cater to beginners and seasoned participants alike.

While costumes are encouraged, they are not mandatory. Participants are encouraged to express themselves in a way that feels comfortable for them.

Yes, Naughty Gras is a welcoming and inclusive event for all adults, regardless of their sexual orientation or identity.

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