Penthouse Announces Adrianna Eves as June 2024 Pet of the Month
Penthouse Announces Adrianna Eves as June 2024 Pet of the Month

Penthouse Announces Adrianna Eves as June 2024 Pet of the Month

Penthouse Magazine, renowned for its celebration of beauty and allure, has named Adrianna Eves as the coveted Pet of the Month for June 2024. This distinction marks a significant moment for Eves, who graces the cover and inner pages of Penthouse in a tropical-themed feature that captures her vibrant spirit and captivating presence.

Adrianna Eves: A Rising Star

Adrianna Eves, originally from Cuba and now based in South Florida, embodies a tale of resilience and achievement. Her journey, from humble beginnings working in a hair salon and fast food truck to becoming a full-time model and influencer, resonates with determination and passion.

In an exclusive interview with Penthouse, Eves expressed her excitement about the shoot, highlighting the stunning Beverly Hills location and the creative collaboration that brought her vision to life. Her vibrant personality and genuine enthusiasm shine through each meticulously crafted photograph.

The Penthouse Experience

Sam Phillips, Penthouse’s photo editor, praised Eves for her creativity and hands-on approach during the photoshoot. He emphasized her integral role in conceptualizing and executing the visual narrative, underscoring her commitment to excellence and her infectious energy that permeates every frame.

As June’s Pet of the Month, Eves’s images evoke the essence of summer, resonating with warmth and a tropical allure that captivates audiences worldwide. CEO Moose expressed pride in welcoming Eves to the Penthouse family, citing her charisma and the picturesque quality of her photoshoots.

Adrianna Eves’s journey from Cuba to Penthouse’s Pet of the Month embodies the classic American dream—a testament to perseverance, talent, and the unwavering pursuit of excellence. Her feature in the May/June issue of Penthouse Magazine invites readers to delve into her captivating story and vibrant imagery, now available at newsstands worldwide.

Let's meet Adrianna Eves

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Adrianna Eves is the Penthouse Pet of the Month for June 2024. Originally from Santa Clara, Cuba, Adrianna has taken a remarkable journey to pursue her modeling career in the United States. Her height is 5’2″ and her measurements are 34D-25-34. Adrianna enjoys modeling because it allows her to showcase her comfort with her body and her love for being sexy.

She is notably relaxed about nude photo shoots, expressing a deep comfort with her body and its imperfections, which comes from her extensive experience in modeling. Adrianna’s favorite music genres are Reggaeton and House, and she loves relaxing at the beach during sunny days, especially in bikinis, her preferred attire for summer.

Beyond modeling, Adrianna has worked in various roles including at a hair salon, a fast food truck, and as a marketing manager. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, playing sports such as volleyball, snowboarding, and scuba diving, and spending time with her family and dog.

Adrianna’s motivation stems from her dreams of traveling, buying her dream house and car, and supporting her family. She takes pride in her journey from Cuba to the USA, achieving success as a model, and being able to provide a better life for her loved ones.

Questions and Answers:

Adrianna Eves stands out for her Cuban heritage, vibrant personality, and involvement in shaping her Penthouse photoshoot experience.

Adrianna Eves’ exclusive feature as June 2024 Pet of the Month can be found in the latest issue of Penthouse magazine, available at newsstands worldwide.

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