Penthouse Reveals Elly Clutch as April 2024 Pet of the Month
Penthouse Reveals Elly Clutch as April 2024 Pet of the Month

Penthouse Reveals Elly Clutch as April 2024 Pet of the Month

The Rise of Elly Clutch

Elly Clutch, a renowned content creator, glamour model, social media influencer, and adult star, graces the pages and cover of the April/May issue of Penthouse. Hailing from the West Coast, Elly mesmerizes with her striking red hair and charismatic presence.

Elly’s journey reflects her passion for creativity and self-expression. With close to 1 million followers across various platforms, she has crafted a virtual empire, captivating audiences worldwide. For Elly, being able to produce her own adult films has been the realization of a lifelong dream.

Collaborating with Penthouse

Penthouse’s photo editor, Sam Phillips, praises Elly’sprofessionalism and energy during the shoot. Her ability to bring ideas to the table and her infectious enthusiasm made the collaboration a memorable experience. Elly’s versatility shines through as she effortlessly transitions between different looks and styles, captivating audiences with her natural beauty and charm.

Elly’s authenticity and genuine personality resonate with fans, making her a beloved figure in the industry. Her magnetic presence and refreshing sense of style make her a perfect fit for Penthouse’s Spring edition. As CEO Moose aptly puts it, Elly embodies the spirit of Penthouse, making her the ideal cover model for April 2024.

Where to Find Elly Clutch

For an exclusive look behind the scenes and uncensored content, visit Follow Elly Clutch on Instagram @ellyclutchh and explore more of her work on

Questions and Answers:

Elly’s vibrant personality, refreshing style, and dedication to her craft make her a standout choice for Penthouse’s prestigious title.

For exclusive access to Elly’s content and behind-the-scenes footage, visit

Follow Elly Clutch on Instagram @ellyclutchh and Penthouse on social media platforms for the latest updates.

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