Penthouse’s February Pet of the Month: Angel Dreaming
Penthouse’s February Pet of the Month: Angel Dreaming

Penthouse’s February Pet of the Month: Angel Dreaming

Penthouse magazine has officially announced social media sensation Angel Dreaming as its Pet of the Month for February 2024. With a mesmerizing cover appearance on the January/February issue, Angel Dreaming, a petite influencer from Minnesota, has captivated audiences with her engaging social media content.

The Glamorous Announcement

The Glamorous Announcement Angel Dreaming

In a glittering string bikini and her signature Penthouse key necklace, Angel Dreaming radiates confidence and charm. The announcement, made by Penthouse CEO Moose, highlights Angel’s diverse personality, ranging from her social media stardom to her aspirations as an actress and her past as a nursing assistant.

A Dream Shoot

A Dream Shoot Angel Dreaming

According to Penthouse photo editor Sam Phillips, shooting Angel was a dream come true. He praises her infectious personality, secret singing talent, and diverse background. The January/February issue promises an athletic layout that Phillips guarantees will linger in the minds of readers for a long time.

From CNA to Paranormal Enthusiast

From CNA to Paranormal Enthusiast​ Angel Dreaming

Angel Dreaming, standing at 5’0”, shares her journey from being a nursing assistant in senior homes to her dreams of becoming a nurse specializing in seizure and stroke care. Now, as the February Pet of the Month, she brings not only her beauty but also her intriguing stories of paranormal encounters.

Penthouse Welcomes Angel

Described as a delightful addition to the Penthouse family, Angel’s spunky personality, winning smile, and genuine charm make her a perfect fit for the coveted title. Penthouse invites readers to spend Valentine’s Day with their February Pet of the Month, promising a memorable experience.

Biography of Angel Dreaming

Angel Dreaming is an American model born on October 22, 2002, in the United States. Her hair color is brown, and her eye color is blue.

Angel Dreaming is a porn star and model who has been active in the adult entertainment industry since 2023.

She has been featured on various adult content sites, including, where her biography, news, filmography, and free picture galleries and videos are available.

She has an Instagram account under the username @angelxdreaming.

Angel Dreaming has starred in various adult films and has been a more than one-time nominee.

Exclusive Access and Social Presence

The January/February issue of Penthouse magazine is available at newsstands worldwide, and for exclusive content, fans can visit For those eager to connect with Angel Dreaming, she can be found on, Instagram (@angelxdreaming), and

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Exclusive content from Angel Dreaming is available on

The magazine is available at newsstands worldwide.

Angel Dreaming can be found on Instagram (@angelxdreaming) and
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