Sweetheart Video’s Release: Lesbian Trainer 2
Sweetheart Video’s Release: Lesbian Trainer 2

Sweetheart Video’s Release: Lesbian Trainer 2

Sweetheart Video, under the Mile High Media all-girl banner SweetheartVideo.com, has recently unveiled its newest title, “Lesbian Trainer 2.” Directed by AVN Hall of Fame director Mike Quasar, this release features a star-studded cast, including cover models Slimthick Vic and Kay Lovely, along with Whitney Wright, Bella Rolland, Alexis Tae, Gizelle Blanco, Queenie Sateen, and Katrina Colt.

The movie, consisting of four sensual tales, explores the passionate relationships between gorgeous lesbians and their trainers. With a fresh cast in top form, “Lesbian Trainer 2” promises to be a must-see for Sweetheart Video enthusiasts.

Sweat and Sensuality: Scenes Unveiled

  1. Rolland and Blanco’s Workout: The film begins with Rolland and Blanco working up a sweat, setting the tone for the sensual journey that follows.
  2. Lovely and Vic’s Exploration: Following suit, Lovely and Vic explore each other’s bodies in an intimate display of desire and connection.
  3. Sateen and Colt’s Encounter: Sateen and Colt share a captivating scene, adding another layer to the film’s narrative.
  4. Wright and Tae’s Passion: Wrapping up the tales, Wright and Tae contribute to the allure with their passionate connection.

Sales and Distribution

For those eager to experience “Lesbian Trainer 2,” the full release is now available for streaming. Sales and distribution inquiries can be directed to [email protected] or by calling (800) 363-0133.

“Lesbian Trainer 2” stands as a testament to Sweetheart Video’s commitment to delivering quality content. With an enticing storyline and a cast of talented performers, this release promises to captivate audiences seeking a blend of sensuality and fitness passion.

Questions and Answers:

The full release is available for streaming on SweetheartVideo.com.

Slimthick Vic and Kay Lovely headline “Lesbian Trainer 2.”

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