The Exclusive Contract Signing of Sir Peter with Falcon|NakedSword
The Exclusive Contract Signing of Sir Peter with Falcon|NakedSword

The Exclusive Contract Signing of Sir Peter with Falcon|NakedSword

In the latest news, Falcon|NakedSword president and CEO Tim Valenti proudly announced the exclusive contract signing of the internationally acclaimed performer, Sir Peter. This significant collaboration between Sir Peter and the studio group promises to deliver exceptional content to fans across various platforms.

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Reflections and Future Prospects

Sir Peter’s agreement involves his appearance in a range of major titles for NakedSword Originals, Falcon Studios, and Raging Stallion Studios, along with other esteemed Falcon|NakedSword brands. Additionally, he will be actively involved in producing distinctive and innovative content for the company. The inaugural project as an exclusive involves a limited series under the newly launched banner, NakedSword X Sir Peter, which is available exclusively on

As part of this exclusive contract, Sir Peter is embarking on an exciting journey across Europe with Falcon|NakedSword, culminating in the production of two upcoming feature projects in Spain. The limited series, produced, directed, and starring Sir Peter, offers fans a unique glimpse into his personal reflections on love, loyalty, and the adult entertainment industry.

The debut episode of the series features Sir Peter alongside legendary adult actor François Sagat, setting the stage for further episodes to be gradually unveiled throughout May. Sir Peter’s collaboration with Falcon|NakedSword is a testament to the brand’s legacy of delivering captivating and award-winning content to its audience.

Sir Peter biography

Sir Peter, also known as Sir Peeter, is a rugged Portuguese gay porn star who is known for his handsome face, fibered, hairy body, and a big, very thick cock. He is 6’1 tall, weighs 185 lbs, and has an 8-inch uncut dick. Sir Peter is a top and loves to ram his fat dick into tight butt holes, bringing immense pleasure to his companions

Sir Peter’s popularity and success in the gay porn industry have led him to have a significant following on social media platforms, with over 200,000 followers on Instagram and OnlyFans. He shares his sexual adventures and daily life with his followers, emphasizing that his work is sex, but not his life

Sir Peter’s career in the gay porn industry has been successful, and he has contributed to opening up the industry for other Portuguese performers. He has mentioned Fostter Riviera and Gustavo Cruz as his predecessors and companions in the industry, highlighting the importance of their work in expanding the representation of Portuguese performers in the industry.

Questions and Answers:

Sir Peter’s exclusive contract entails appearing in major titles and producing innovative content for NakedSword Originals, Falcon Studios, and Raging Stallion Studios.

The first episode of the limited series featuring Sir Peter and François Sagat is already available on, with subsequent episodes scheduled for release in May.

Through the unique collaboration with Sir Peter, Falcon|NakedSword offers fans an intimate look into the artist’s life and perspectives on the adult entertainment industry.

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