The Terms of Service Podcast: Unveiling Insights into the Adult Industry and Censorship
The Terms of Service Podcast: Unveiling Insights into the Adult Industry and Censorship

The Terms of Service Podcast: Unveiling Insights into the Adult Industry and Censorship

In its ongoing commitment to transparency and community engagement, Pornhub proudly presents a groundbreaking initiative: the Terms of Service Podcast. Hosted by Asa Akira, a distinguished performer, bestselling author, and Pornhub Brand Ambassador, alongside Alexzandra Kekesi, Pornhub’s Head of Brand and Community, this podcast ventures into uncharted territory, delving into the intricacies of the adult industry and the overarching theme of censorship.

A Diverse Tapestry of Voices

The hosts, in collaboration with an eclectic array of guests ranging from academics and pornstars to fashion designers and media personalities, aim to spotlight the multifaceted issues confronting the adult industry and, by extension, the global community.

Navigating the Complex Web of Censorship

Listeners can expect a deep dive into the often-overlooked facets of censorship, including topics such as deplatforming, cancellation, and shadowbanning. The podcast will illuminate the challenges of banking and financial discrimination faced by the industry and explore the double standards confronting adult performers on social media platforms.

The Intersection of Culture and Politics

Terms of Service isn’t just about the adult industry; it’s a commentary on how cultural and political currents ripple through the sex industry, influencing it in profound ways. The hosts bring their unique perspectives to discussions on provocation and privilege, the ethics of self-censorship, viewing porn through a feminist lens, and the broader implications of attacks on the industry as assaults on gender, sexuality, and freedom.

Voices that Resonate

The first season, now available on all major podcast platforms, features an illustrious lineup of guests. From the journalistic prowess of Cherie Deville to the cultural insights of Perez Hilton, and the academic wisdom of Lynn Comella, this season promises to be a captivating exploration of the intersectionality of the adult industry with wider cultural phenomena.

Questions and Answers:

The “Terms of Service” podcast is a brand-new initiative by Pornhub, hosted by renowned performer Asa Akira and Pornhub’s Head of Brand and Community, Alexzandra Kekesi. The podcast delves into hot topics surrounding the adult industry, censorship, and issues affecting the world at large.

The hosts, Asa Akira and Alexzandra Kekesi, engage with a diverse range of guests, including academics, pornstars, fashion designers, media personalities, and more. The first season features guests such as Cherie Deville, Perez Hilton, The Ion Pack, Lynn Comella, and Luis De Javier.

The first season is available wherever you stream podcasts. You can find it on popular platforms like [mention some podcast platforms here].

The podcast covers a wide range of themes, including censorship issues such as deplatforming, cancellation, and shadowbanning. It also addresses banking and financial discrimination, double standards faced by adult performers on social media, and the impact of cultural and political currents on the sex industry.

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