Unveiling the Excitement: ASGmax Films Launches ‘Golden Resort’
Unveiling the Excitement: ASGmax Films Launches ‘Golden Resort’

Unveiling the Excitement: ASGmax Films Launches ‘Golden Resort’

ASGmax welcomes 2024 with the launch of its latest venture, ASGmax Films, introducing the captivating production, ‘The Goldenrod Resort.’ This cinematic creation unfolds within the lavish and enticing realms of a “sex-positive” haven, expertly managed by the charismatic Dennis, played by Derek Kage. Join us on a journey as Kyle Fletcher’s character, Cole, engages in flirtatious encounters with Noah, the resort’s promotional photographer played by ASGmax exclusive Nico Coopa. The storyline hints at the promise of The Goldenrod Resort delivering on its sex-positive allure.

Behind the Scenes: A Fusion of Fun and Effortlessness

Behind the Scenes A Fusion of Fun and Effortlessness​

“The Goldenrod Resort was an absolute blast to be a part of,” expressed Fletcher. Stepping outside his comfort zone, he found joy in portraying a character different from his usual roles. Coopa echoed this sentiment, labeling the project as one of the most enjoyable experiences in his career. The camaraderie among the cast, including the hilarious Derek Kage and the talented Kyle Fletcher, added to the overall delight of the production.

Crafting a Cinematic Gem: From Script to Screen

Crafting a Cinematic Gem From Script to Screen​

Director Jeremy Babcock shared insights into the creation process, emphasizing the importance of the breathtaking location and the need to build a world around it. The collaboration of cinematographers Conrad Parker and Big Mike, coupled with an exceptional group of models, brought Babcock’s vision to life. The result is a gay resort concept that transcends the screen.

Gratitude and Enthusiasm: A Cast United

Gratitude and Enthusiasm A Cast United​

Expressing gratitude to ASGMax and Babcock, Kage shared his appreciation for being cast as Dennis, embodying the anxious yet enthusiastic character. The teamwork, the location, and the script all contributed to a memorable and successful production.

Dive into The Goldenrod Resort Experience

Dive into The Goldenrod Resort Experience​

Episode one of The Goldenrod Resort is currently available at ASGmax.com, with the highly anticipated episode two scheduledfor release on Jan. 20, 2024. For more information and updates, visit ASGmax.com, and follow ASGmax Films on X at ASGmaxOfficial.

Questions and Answers:

Director Jeremy Babcock was inspired by the location, aiming to build a captivating world around it and showcase the concept of a gay resort.

Kyle Fletcher highlighted the project as a blast, and Nico Coopa labeled it one of the most fun projects he’s been a part of.

Episode two is set to drop on Jan. 20, 2024, continuing the enticing narrative of The Goldenrod Resort.

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