Welcome to the D.O.L.L.s House: A Behind-the-Scenes Look
Welcome to the D.O.L.L.s House: A Behind-the-Scenes Look

Welcome to the D.O.L.L.s House: A Behind-the-Scenes Look

In the ever-evolving world of adult entertainment, innovation takes various forms, and the latest endeavor blends artificial intelligence, robotics, and a dash of generational culture shock. At the helm of this unique venture is Chief Creative Officer Bree Mills, leading the Adult Time crew through the metamorphosis of a nondescript warehouse in the San Fernando Valley into a cutting-edge artificial intelligence robotics lab.

The Birth of "D.O.L.L.s": A Transfixed Celebration

Welcome to the D.O.L.L.s House

This intriguing journey kicked off as the creative minds geared up to commemorate the fifth anniversary of Transfixed, Adult Time’s premier lesbian-focused trans banner. Drawing inspiration from the unexpected triumph of the previous year’s “Office Misconduct,” Mills aimed to elevate the stakes and intentionally craft another fan favorite.

Bratz Chronicles: A Cultural Quilt

Bratz dolls, surfacing in 2001, provided a sassy, diverse alternative to the reigning Barbie empire. Although not hailing from that generation, Mills discovered that many trans women, like Khloe Kay, found inspiration in the edgier, urban Bratz dolls. The project, dubbed “D.O.L.L.s,” becomes a heartfelt homage to this influential era.

Casting the Ensemble: Crafting the D.O.L.L.s

Casting the Ensemble Crafting the D.O.L.L.s

Mills handpicked a stellar cast for this endeavor, selecting Eva Maxim and Zariah Aura to join Khloe Kay as her fellow D.O.L.L.s. These performers, cherished among Transfixed content aficionados, weren’t just chosen for their on-screen prowess but also for their role as brand ambassadors.

“They are proven talents with whom we’ve collaborated extensively in productions, marketing, and creative ventures. It’s a significant initiative for me—evolving our talent relations to build both our brands collaboratively,” Mills emphasizes.

The Creative Alchemy: A Labor of Love

This project, christened “D.O.L.L.s,” transcends mere production; it’s a labor of love. The creative minds behind Adult Time’s “Oopsie” series collaborated with Mills, and Midnight, a trans man from the platform’s writer’s room, penned the comedy sci-fi script. Stella Smut, in her feature debut, took the reins as director and co-producer.

Behind the Scenes: The Birth of D.O.L.L.s

Behind the Scenes: The Birth of D.O.L.L.s

As the crew prepares for a dialogue-heavy shoot, cast member Khloe Kay shares the genesis of her Bratz doll passion, unveiling how her parents wholeheartedly supported her unique interest. The project aims to embody the Bratz spirit, with the performers eagerly anticipating the moment when the D.O.L.L.s come to life in a full-on orgy with their makers.

Aura, one of the D.O.L.L.s, explains the significance of portraying dolls in trans culture. “In trans culture, ‘doll’ means extra, bigger than life, more than human,” she says. “I like the fantasy of being a D.O.L.L.”

From Sci-Fi Fantasy to Reality: D.O.L.L.s Unleashed

The feature comedy, set for release as a single full-length film, navigates the uncharted territory of AI rebellion and the escapades of sex-crazed trandroids. Siri Dahl, portraying a “mad scientist” type, expresses her excitement, saying, “I truly enjoy playing such a wild character. Also, I love this set because everyone radiates the best energy. The audience will sense the sheer fun we’re having making this movie.”

The Unveiling: Sassy Y2K-Era Dolls Take Center Stage

The Unveiling Sassy Y2K-Era Dolls Take Center Stage

The project not only explores the themes of AI’s rebellion against humanity but also injects humor into the storyline. Avery Jane, one of the scientists, remarks on the freedom of creativity during the shoot.

“This is my favorite type of porn script to do, where you’re allowed to create your own character, go with the flow and bounce off of each other, and make really, really funny moments. People like to laugh when they have boners, you know. Both are happy things!”

Conclusion: A Fusion of Passion and Creativity

A Fusion of Passion and Creativity D.O.L.L.s

Asthe crew meticulously arranges synthetic body parts and beakers, the D.O.L.L.s project transcends the boundaries of adult entertainment. It becomes a testament to the intersection of passion, creativity, and a touch of generational culture shock. Mills, leading the charge with a vision inspired by Bratz dolls, crafts a narrative that goes beyond the screen—a project done out of love on all sides.

The release of “D.O.L.L.s” promises not only to captivate audiences with its unique storyline but also to leave a lasting impression as an emblem of pushing the boundaries of innovation within the adult entertainment industry.

Questions and Answers:

The project draws inspiration from the cultural impact of Bratz dolls and combines it with the timeliness of the “Barbie” movie and artificial intelligence themes.

The cast includes Khloe Kay, Eva Maxim, Zariah Aura, and other talented performers known for their contributions to the Transfixed brand.

The project stands out for its timely and entertaining storyline, blending sci-fi elements, rebellion, and a touch of humor in an unconventional approach.

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