Wicked Sensual Care Spotlights Adam & Eve’s Bri King: A Glimpse into Outstanding Talent
Wicked Sensual Care Spotlights Adam & Eve’s Bri King: A Glimpse into Outstanding Talent

Wicked Sensual Care Spotlights Adam & Eve’s Bri King: A Glimpse into Outstanding Talent

Wicked Sensual Care has chosen to highlight Bri King, an esteemed member of the Adam & Eve store in the Dallas area, in its Retail Employee Spotlight. King brings a wealth of experience from various industries, including hospitality, coffee, and precious stones. Her journey to the adult retail industry was marked by a transformative moment that led her to Adam & Eve.

A Pivotal Career Choice

King’s initial nervousness about entering the adult retail industry was replaced by a sense of belonging when she walked into her interview at Adam & Eve. Her background in leadership, coupled with her compassionate nature, interpersonal skills, and product knowledge, has made her an invaluable asset to the company.

Creating a Safe Space

Adam & Eve's Bri King A Glimpse into Outstanding Talent

King’s specialty lies in making customers who may be anxious about adult retail environments feel at ease. Her goal is to create an environment where customers feel accepted and comfortable discussing their needs. She believes in addressing the stigma around sexuality and emphasizes that it’s okay to be nervous, reassuring customers that their feelings are valid.

Inspiring Career Advice

King encourages individuals considering a career in adult retail to pursue their calling. She advocates overcoming fear, emphasizing the importance of working for a company that genuinely cares about its employees. King believes that pursuing one’s dreams and working in a supportive environment leads to a fulfilling career.

Jennifer Brice's Perspective

Wicked Sensual Care Spotlights Adam & Eve’s Bri King

Jennifer Brice, the sales director for Wicked Sensual Care, praises King’s product knowledge and her ability to connect with customers. Brice emphasizes King’s empathetic approach, noting her genuine concern and willingness to assist customers in finding the best solutions for their needs.

Jelle Plus: A Safer Alternative for Anal Play

In another groundbreaking move, Wicked Sensual Care introduces Jelle Plus, a safer alternative to numbing agents for anal play. This intimate wellness product features natural relaxants and beneficial ingredients, ensuring a pleasurable and safe experience.

Key Features of Jelle Plus:

  • Natural relaxants including clove oil and jojoba
  • Soothing ingredients like arnica, aloe, juniper, and vitamin E
  • Latex-friendly and safe for all toy materials

Recognizing Excellence in the Retail Sector

Recognizing Excellence in the Retail Sector​

Wicked Sensual Care invites nominations for outstanding professionals in the pleasure products space. Retail sector employees exceeding expectations can be nominated by colleagues or themselves by providing relevant details to [email protected].

For more updates on Wicked Sensual Care and sexual health and wellness tips from Resident Sex Educator Jessica Drake, visit WickedSensualCare.com and follow the brand on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Questions and Answers:

You can find Wicked Sensual Care products on their official website, WickedSensualCare.com, or on Amazon for affiliates.

To nominate a retail professional, send their name, store details, and a brief paragraph to [email protected] or fill out the form on their website.

Yes, Jelle Plus is safe for all toy materials, ensuring a worry-free experience.

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