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The wealthiest clients on the border of Lichtenstein and Switzerland are waiting for you

An erotic work known by very few is an excellent opportunity for pretty, average girls between 18 and 40 in Europe’s richest region! We’ve been open for over 20 years!

no commission from extras | high prices and incomes | wealthy clients | 50% commission | I will advance your trip by private bus | friendly girls and receptionist | language skills and professional photos are not required

I would like to introduce you 2 excellent Swiss cities (CHUR, FRAUENFELD) known by few and where you can work without competition in my exclusive private houses. You will work with a very small number of girls and a friendly receptionist. The commission is 50% and not only that you won’t have any more expenses, I will also advance your trip. You will have very high earnings in both cities – it all depends on your motivation! I’m not looking for super models, you just have to be pretty, naturally beautiful and friendly. I work with a small number of girls and everyone has enough clients.

I’ll make perfect ads for you and I will get the maximum out of you, if You want to be the best.

We make the best professional photos for everybody and I advertise on every Swiss advertising website + newspapers and magazines.

Imagine having a lot of new clients and regulars coming back directly to you because they saw your professional and unique ads!

New and regular clients visit us every day and week, so I guarantee you won’t have one day with zero clients!

CHUR city is a Swiss pearl, a real paradise, visited by a lot of tourists. We have a lot of regulars visiting us in every season, come and take advantage of them by working at the old high prices. Your commission is 50% from the prices, no other expenses. You can work without stress, in a calm environment with a pleasant team and luxurious furniture. You will get your work permit, props, (non alcoholic) beverages and coffee for free.

No argues, problems, misunderstandings and hidden expenses!

1000 CHF income per day – this is already Your part!

Wifi, Tv, shopping center near us and solarium.

100% discretion is guaranteed, nobody will find out from me how you earn your money.

Ads are banned from the UK, no one can see them from home!

You can apply for a minimum of 1 week term!

+ 1 other opportunity in Frauenfeld, which is the capital of Thurgau canton and it means: women’s teritory

The city is very close to Zurich and Lake Constance! This is one of the oldest private houses, being also one of the best for over 30 years, so high incomes and clients are guaranteed in every season!

50-50% commission – no other expenses – no commission from the extras you make – friendly and helpful receptionist and girls are waiting – I will advance your trip by a private bus. The best ads and highest earnings are waiting for You!

This job offers ONLY FOR girls, women and ladies from any European Union country, so with EU passport! They DON’T HIRE men, boys, gays so DON’T write to the advertisers!

Tel / Viber / Whatsapp / iMessage: 0041 76 531 9055 (Edina – the owner)

E-mail: [email protected]

I would like to ask all kind inquiries to apply with a good quality full-size photo and phone number. I will call everyone and give an available date almost immediately. If you have any kind of questions, feel free to contact me on viber, whatsapp for free or via email.

Apply, ask and know more! Do you want a stable erotic job for long term finally?

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