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Ampflwang im Hausruckwald



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Job Description

Hello! Rooms are available for rent in a 4 room, legally operating, official studio in Vienna.

The rooms are very well separated because the studio is 150 square meters.

Each room has its own bathroom with Jacuzzi tub, toilet, etc.

There is a large kitchen with fridge and cooking facilities, laundry room, washing machine, dryer, etc.

Officially a working studio, but in a private apartment-like environment.

Correct fixed weekly rate (for single girls) or percentage system.

You can also be a beginner. If you don’t speak German, we can help you with everything. We can also help you with the paperwork (Green Card and police papers required for the job)

We can also help you with expatriation in some cases.

If you think you can’t earn a living in Vienna, you are wrong. The prices are good and you don’t have to go far to earn money.

People like and know the studio because it’s in a pretty discreet location.

I’m the owner and not an intermediary.

More info by phone or WhatsApp.

Max. Max 3 girls at a time, no hustle and bustle.

Very relaxed environment and fairness is given and expected! Troublesome and problematic girls should not contact me.

ID: 8705


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