Working as an elite escort for successful and rich clients, benefit from a glamorous and exciting lifestyle!



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Job Description

You can choose to take advantage of a long-term employment opportunity. Alternatively, if you prefer, start with a tour duration of 30 days, whilst having the option to extend the duration.
You can expect to earn at least 18,000 euros during the 30 days based on only 5 hours work each day.

Additional work is available to further increase your earnings!
Unlimited earnings potential is available for a young lady that is ready to work hard to benefit from the opportunity!

You can be assured that no false promises are being made (unlike many other advertised jobs!).
The indicated earnings potential is conservative and a young, sociable and beautiful girl who provides a good service will likely earn even more.

Take advantage of the following opportunities:
• Clients pay you directly in cash on a daily basis.
• You can define your own work schedule according to your preferences
• Lots of work is available – you can choose how many hours you prefer to work each day.
• Effective promotions are organized on your behalf to maximise daily bookings.
• Benefit from a high quality apartment close to the city center – free accommodation is provided for you.
• Assistance is available for planning of your travel arrangements
• You can choose either to either travel alone or come with a girlfriend of your choice.
• Based on only 5 hours work in a day, you can expect to earn at least 18,000 euros each month!
Monthly earnings of over 25,000 euros are achievable for a young, sociable and beautiful girl who provides a good service!

Suitable applicants for this opportunity include:
• A sociable and intelligent young lady, aged between 18 and 32 years
• A girl having the ambition to advance her opportunities in life, by achieving a high income and financial independence
• A girl having an attractive appearance and friendly personality
• A girl that is trustworthy and reliable
• A knowledge of foreign languages is useful, but not essential

Assistance with organizing your travel is also available.

To receive full details of this opportunity, please get in touch with us via this website.

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